February 15, 2016 admin

Harmonifi, a solution for cell phone radiation

One of our current projects is for a cell phone safety solution called Harmonifi.

Harmonifi attaches to any mobile device easily, and helps combat the effects of cell phone radiation.

We started building the company social media accounts by posting relevant content and creating media that individual followers could interact with.


On Harmonifi’s pinterest page, we created a posting structure that gave value to their followers by not only posting about the benefits of their product, but also by giving tips, how-to’s and links to smartphone related topics in general.



On their Twitter page, we created a consistent posting schedule with lots of hashtags to build follower interaction.harmonifitwitter


We also created some designs to help build user interaction and “shareability”.

harmonifiad1 harmonifiad2 harmonifiad3


Our Instagram efforts involved interacting with people who like and follow companies that sell cell phone accessories, and also, people who have blogs.



We hope to see the continued effects of our efforts with Harmonifi’s social accounts, which have gone nowhere but up!


Check out our other client stories in the coming weeks and reviews on the rest of our blog.