Bow WordPress Ecommerce Theme Review

BOW is a fashion oriented ecommerce design with a slick and modern “square” design, with the ability to utilize lots of color.

The overall design works extremely well on mobile devices, and when I say “it works” I mean the style is more like that of an app. It’s style gives that square responsive feel like people love about apps, while also giving you the same functionality on a desktop.

The theme comes with all the built in features you need for a good ecommerce store. It has a wishlist, newsletter opt-in form, decent category pages, a blog and a nice checkout and cart page.

One minor issue with this theme is that you can’t click on the item picture to go to the listing, you have to either click the title, or click the magnifying glass within the picture. This is really just a bad call for usability. Customers expect to be able to click on the picture and go straight to the product listing. With that being said, when you hover over the product image, it turns grey and you can’t see it unless you stop hovering. Annoying at best.


On the product listings, one thing that it lacked was an area for a video review. Video reviews are everything, and more merchants should have a place to put their videos other than the description area.


The best thing about this theme were the buttons. There is so much buttonability that you can achieve with this theme, it’s just great. You can pack a ton of color into this theme and really make it something fun.

I think BOW would work best for a fashion designer that also retails online. If you checkout their demo of “HOME 4” you will see what I mean.

Anyways, you should check the theme out for yourself here. Also watch the video below for more. Thanks!



Noraure WordPress Ecommerce Theme Review

Hey there,


I’m going to throw in my two cents on the Noraure WordPress ecommerce theme, and give you some tips on how you should look at this theme from the perspective of a developer and also as a store owner.

So I’ll do a basic pros and cons comparison to make things easy.


  1. This theme comes with just about every basic feature you could hope for an ecommerce theme to have. I’m talking about social links, quickview, category pages, price filters, a really decent cart & checkout page, and also a wishlist and account functionality.
  2. If you have media to use, this theme makes good use of it. Although there are themes that would give a much better presentation to your media than this one, Noraure will do everything you need and more just fine.
  3. I did like the category dropdown menus, I feel like they were simple and efficient, and the custom block locations were equally.
  4. The theme was mobile responsive, which is essential these days.



  1. The product listings only had one place for you to click through when your were browsing; the title. It’s a standard for ecommerce shops these days to have clickthrough on product picture & title. It really bugged me, and was a definite user interface flaw throughout this theme.
  2. The way the category product pages were stacked was really bad for customer experience. I suppose you could modify this part of the theme, but it’s a real bummer that an iPad/iPhone user would have to scroll more than 50% down the page to see an actual product.

Anyways, that’s all I have. Be sure to check out the video below, and also share this with your friends and colleagues that would benefit! – Micah


Click here to purchase & view demos of the Noraure WordPress theme.


Free Social Account Setups??!

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