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A theme for events & seminars… “Eventim” WordPress theme review

So recently I stumbled up what I think is a really great theme for any sort of seminar, workshop, or corporate event.

If you’re planning something that you want to be a “big deal”, you should really invest in a webpage for it. There’s no reason not to.

Grab a domain, or add a subdomain onto your company site, and slap this theme on there for $59. It will be a superb investment for your event as a whole, and I’ll tell you a bit about why in just a second.

So Eventim is flawlessly mobile responsive, so anybody can get info on your event easily from any device. It is easily updated and modified inside of WordPress, so you can change details on the fly easily, from any device.

With this theme you can…

  • Showcase all of your speakers and provide bios on all of them
  • Provide a list of event & speaker times
  • Sell tickets and merchandise (this is a big plus)
  • Give a gallery of video & pictures in an attractive format
  • Show an active countdown clock that helps build anticipation
  • Showcase your sponsors (if you have any)
  • Provide an FAQ section

Overall the styling is great, I don’t have any notable complaints about functionality, and I think if you use this theme as it was intended you’ll find great value in it.

Do check out the video review below where I cover a bit more on what I think about the Eventim theme, and click here to view the demos for yourself.

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