How to Price Your Items & Get More Online Sales – 2016 eCommerce Tips

Pricing your items is all about measuring your true cost against the market value of your items. When you’re figuring out what to price your items for, you have to keep all costs in mind. All of your costs means fees, taxes, shipping, item cost, labor and advertising. If you’re calculating things wrong, you could very easily be making no money at all! Make sure you cover these things when you are thinking about how to price your items, and always try to stay very competitive when you’re selling items so you can sell more than your competition!


Why Live Chat Is Essential for Your Online Store – 2016 eCommerce Tips

Live chat is a simple and profitable addition to your eCommerce store, or any website for that matter, that will bring MASSIVE value to your customers. Here’s why… it simply brings you and your customers one step closer to letting you into their wallet. Customers need information, and instead of making them search high and low for your contact link so that they can wonder when they’ll get an email reply, why not let them know exactly when you’re available and give them access right then.

Next Level Retail: A Practical Guide to Selling Online

Lots of brick and mortar store owners want to get their business online, but just don’t know where to start. In this book, i’ll give you the keys to a solid foundation when it comes to selling online.

The tips I give you in this book will allow you to scale your business to whatever size you want to go without restrictions. These concepts are proven and tested through years of my own work helping retail stores sell online.