Free Social Account Setups??!

We decided to do something awesome this week. As of now, we will be officially setting up social media accounts for FREE.

This is something we want to do to encourage more businesses and individuals who want to promote their website to be on more social channels. There’s some really good reasons why you should be on more of them, so we want to introduce you to the benefits.

Basically, you give us up to 4 channels that you would like to be on (we can help you pick), and we will set up all of those accounts for you. This setup involves..

  • Signing Up
  • Verifying Email
  • Setting up Profile Pictures
  • Setting up Cover Pictures
  • Writing a bio
  • Setting up Themes
  • Following some like-minded accounts
  • Linking your account back to your website

That last bullet point is one of the more important things about social. Social media accounts have something called “Link Juice”. If you have an account on Twitter, and you put your link in your bio, that “Link Juice” just gave your website a little bit of power in the search rankings. This link juice helps you rank higher in search, and ultimately helps you make more money.socialpromo

Also, if you’re say…a law firm. And you’re only on Twitter. You may be missing out on potential clients finding you on LinkedIn, which is full of professionals! Also, if you’re on both networks, you get double the “Link Juice”.

There’s a bunch of good reasons to be on more networks. Not every network, but if you aren’t on at least 4, you may want to drop us a line.